From the start, KAYA has been employing treatment modalities that are evidence-based and backed by breakthroughs in treatment of addiction. Aside from the intensive treatment, KAYA also incorporates fun in recovery, which allows the clients to divert the urge they experience into having fun through delectable and nutritious meals, yoga, massage, physical fitness, and regularly scheduled excursions. All these make up our Unified Treatment Model, the first addiction treatment center in the Philippines to offer such and at par with the facilities in neighboring countries in Asia and in the West.

Our Unified Treatment Model is mainly our contemporary approach to treatment. Contrary to traditional treatment facilities, KAYA facility is far from being a jail-type establishment. Here, clients can go around the facility and even go for grocery runs by themselves — or sometimes accompanied by their respective counselors. Trust, openness, and discipline are nurtured as well as the conviction to resist engaging with their dangerous habits.

Prescribed medications for each client are provided where physician’s orders are strictly followed. Each client’s physical and psychological condition are monitored and considered to make up with a medical treatment plan. Also, contrary to traditional facilities, never was an instance in KAYA when we let clients drink concoctions which may be harmful and to induce vomiting. We believe in the body’s natural ways to dispose toxins/harmful chemicals.

Unlike traditional methods in treatment, KAYA strongly encourages family sessions where client’s family members and closest friends come to sit down with the client with the counselor to discuss problems, solutions, progress — and practically anything. Positivity and healing magically happens at the end of each session.

KAYA also extends its hand to prepare every client during their release date. Before the client leaves KAYA, they are given Relapse Prevention lectures and formulates a plan of action. Their counselors keep in touch with clients even after they left to know how they are doing.

To learn more about what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Let us help you formulate a treatment plan for your loved one or friend.