Addiction is a complex disease because it affects brain function, physiological function, and behavior. However, addiction is treatable but it requires several elements for it to succeed.

Here are the 5 critical elements for successful recovery or staying clean and sober:

    • Willingness to Go to Treatment

Just like any disease, a person can never be treated if they don’t admit that there’s something wrong and don’t seek a physician, much so if they don’t do anything about it. The first element for achieving something is to have the willingness to help themselves.


    • Peer Support

Many addiction counselors might not admit it but the kind of people who are the most influential to the person in recovery are his or her peers. Peers, or sometimes called core group, are the people who the recovering addict can relate well to. Peers share their frustrations, experiences, and stories with each other. A solid peer support correlates with the success of a recovering addict to stay clean and sober.


    • Family Support

The family is naturally the primary support of every individual. In a contemporary sense, it may not necessarily be one’s biological family but the people who the individual considers his or her family. The family is not only the financial contributor for the person but also provides needed emotional and spiritual support.

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Family Session with Tim

(Mild blur applied to protect identity)

At KAYA, we treat everyone, residents and staff, a family. And as family, no one gets left behind.


    • Minimizing Stress

One of the triggers wny a person engage in dangerous habits is stress. Stress can be externally or internally caused and every individual has varying threshold of handling stressful events. If the person felt that the stress has reached its limit, then the thought of engaging with their addiction to reduce stress might turn out into an act.

Externally-caused stress might be anything like breaking up with someone, losing their job, or receiving their credit card bill. On the other hand, internally-caused stress might be somehting like a memory of something, boredom or exhaustion. The environment can bombard you with different kinds of stress but how to cope up with stress is entirely up to the individual.

The most immediate plan of action, specifically being practiced at KAYA, is to take the person out from stressful situations and provide the necessary tools to allow the person think rationally. Rational thinking, coupled with strong sense of one’s core values, is an effective way of managing stressful events while staying clean and sober.


    • Efficiency of the Treatment Program and Providers of Care

Treatment program varies with every addiction recovery centers, organizations, and groups. But what most people look for in an addiction treatment program is if it can be tailor-fit to their needs. Most clients also look for a program’s holistic approach.

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Robert conducting a group lecture

One particular thing that KAYA has been doing is to allow clients rediscover hope through revisiting one’s core values. KAYA provides a plethora of activities and therapies such as CBT, Facilitation of Twelve Steps, and Schema that are evidence-based and proven effective for treatment of drugs, alcohol, and process addictions (like gambling and binge eating).

Above all else, the most important attitude a person suffering from addiction must have is to have the genuine desire to stay away from the substance or unhealthy behavior the individual is addicted to. When looking for help for you or a loved one, KAYA is just a call away.