KAYA takes pride on its addiction treatment program, which is a holistic approach and tailor-fit to each individual. While we facilitate healthy living by staying away from dangerous habits, we also promote physical recuperation through diet and exercise. Our activities include yoga, working out at the gym, or basking on the morning sun on a running race track at the Athletic Bowl or at Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City.



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Getting Started to Jog


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Basking on the Early Morning Sun


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Running Race Track at Baguio Teacher’s Camp


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KAYA has access to athletic and physical workout facilities in Baguio City. The facilitators make sure that our clients’ privacy, safety and security are always met.

Being physically active is also a part of our clients’ preparation once they leave KAYA. We always believe that having a sound mind, body and spirit allows a person make better choices. Our clients together with their counselors develop a solid and workable exit plan to guide them once their time of treatment with KAYA is over.

There is no other place to spend your recovery than in Baguio City with KAYA.