One of the most visited places for tourists coming to Baguio City is Sitio Pungayan, Tuba, Benguet. Sitio Pungayan is locally famous for the name La Presa. The name La Presa was coined from a local television show. Being a popular tourist destination in Tuba, Benguet, tourists enjoy the mountainside view, as well as the lush vegetable farms located there.

Our regularly-scheduled excursion is an integral part of KAYA’s having fun in recovery, having an important role of our treatment program. Excursions, like our recent visit to La Presa (Sitio Pungayan) Mount Cabuyao, promotes relaxation as well as gratitude for life. Our excursions are something our clients always look forward to.



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Sitio Pungayan is in Mount Cabuyao, which offers a good vantage point. On a clear weather, you can partially see the Province of Pangasinan and as far as the West Philippine Sea. Mount Cabuyao is also the place where an American observatory and relay station, once used during the American occupation in the Cordilleras, is located and seen as two giant circular radar dishes.


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American AA Radar Station, Mount Cabuyao


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Sitio Pungayan, popularly known as Sitio LaPresa



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