The family plays important roles both in propagating and suppressing substance abuse among its members as well as in encouraging or hindering someone to seek help. While it is true that nobody can’t prevent bad things from happening, the way we perceive the problem and acting on it makes the big difference. One must not forget that there are people out there who can help and it is much better to seek help the earliest time possible.

It is hard for the family as a whole to have even one family member who is suffering from addiction. Remember that the individual is not a bad person rather someone who needs treatment. Despite the behavioral changes of the person, deep inside he/she needs genuine love, care and concern. The family must also be willing to provide the support the addict needs to get better.

Emotional Support – This means that we are not only showing sympathy but empathy with compassion. It is to understand the person, what had possibly led him/her into engaging with dangerous vices, and doing the necessary adjustments for reconciliation and providing a favorable involvement for sobriety. It is also important to provide a non-judgmental ear to the sick loved one. Another thing is our presence; being physically present when our loved one needs us makes them feel accepted and loved.

Psychological/Moral Support – This is primarily providing encouragement to the person and being reliable when our loved one needs us. Psychological support in addiction treatment is being ‘one with them’ and keeping the family members involved with the phases/steps of treatment. In order to encourage our sick family member to seek treatment, we ourselves must become a part of it and ready to provide for their needs.

Spiritual Support – We may belong to a religious denomination and practicing different rites. In addiction recovery, helping the individual realize the presence of a Higher Power makes a big difference. At KAYA, we don’t look what religion an individual or family belongs to. Instead, with the Facilitation of Twelve Steps (TSF), we allow them to realize that there is a Higher Power who works to get us back into sobriety.

Financial Support – Money can be spent and earned but a person’s life can’t be taken back once it is lost. For most people, they see their finances as a hindrance to seek treatment. It shouldn’t be the case though. Health and safety is an investment where one can get more than what was paid for. We never want to be a second too late when our family member’s life is at stake.

Here at KAYA, we don’t only provide treatment to our client. We hold family therapy sessions where everyone can share their ideas and feelings. Our family sessions provide a non-judgmental atmosphere that is conducive for open communication, which leads the family to formulate practical solutions for the challenges they are facing. KAYA, being a family-oriented addiction treatment center, believes that in a family, nobody must be left behind.