KAYA celebrated their Christmas Party on December 2015. The party’s theme is 80’s where participants wore 80’s-inspired attire. Prizes were also given to the individual who have worn the ugliest sweater.

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Exchange Gifts. Here it was Marissa’s, KAYA’s Cook, to receive her gift.

Mild blur applied to protect clients’ confidentiality.

Not only the occasion is about KAYA’s advocacy of having fun in recovery but also it is line with each and everyone’s belief of Christmas Spirit. An individual’s spiritual beliefs were never an obstacle for everyone to enjoy the celebration.

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Group picture.

Blur applied to protect clients’ confidentiality.


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Robert Delivering his Christmas message.

Mild blur applied to protect clients’ confidentiality.

Visitors left KAYA with cheerful hearts and heartwarming gifts. Staff and residents alike look forward to the next KAYA-held parties and milestones.