On the 22rd of June, 2016, KAYA held their house blessing rites in Muling Ligaya. Friends in and out of KAYA were invited and graced the event. Fr. Benny led the house blessing.

The house blessing was not only intended for the house but it also goes out to the founders, support staff, employees, and friends.


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After the prayer, Fr. Benny went around the facility along with KAYA personnel. It was also an opportunity for the guests to check out the rest of the house.


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The first area visited was the dining area along with the prayer that the food would not only nourish one’s body but the spirit as well.


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The clients’ rooms were the next to be blessed. Everyone went to see the relaxing and spacious rooms. KAYA is committed to provide luxurious yet affordable accommodations to those in need of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism in Asia and worldwide.


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Fr. Benny blesses the administrative office. Afterwards, he also went to the sober living space.


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Prayers were also offered to the drivers that may the Lord watch over them and guide them. KAYA’s official shuttle was blessed as well as the vehicles that were present during that time.


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Lastly, they went to see and bless the backyard.


The food was prepared just in time the house blessing rite was through. KAYA’s chef prepared these sumptuous dishes. One of the things KAYA is known for is its particular approach to nutrition as a part of our holistic approach when it comes to treatment.


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KAYA is now at #1 Baguio-Itogon Road, Lucnab, Baguio City 2600, Benguet. We are less than 5 minutes away from The Mansion and 10 minutes away from Mines View Park. For inquiries about drug addiction and alcoholism, as well as our treatment, feel free to contact us.