KAYA has found its new place at City Limit, Muling Ligaya, Tuding, Itogon, Benguet to cater to more people who need treatment and as to provide a much conducive environment, as well as security and privacy for all our clients.

Our new home is just a 20-minute leisure ride from the city center and 5 minutes from the Presidential Mansion in Baguio City. From Baguio Central Business District, you’ll pass by Baguio City’s famous tourist spots like Teachers Camp, Wright Park, and the Mansion. KAYA is also 10 minutes away from Mines View Park, an excellent spot, especially for photographers, for taking sunrise photographs.

The house itself is named Muling Ligaya, which means new found happiness in Filipino. True enough, when you enter the gates of KAYA, you’ll be amazed with what our new home can offer.

Our spacious new home can accommodate parking for several vehicles. Shown is the official KAYA shuttle.

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Spacious solo rooms and shared rooms, living room, luxurious dining areas can be found. Also, our personalized holistic treatment, healthy meals, and physical improvement therapies KAYA is known for haven’t changed. Only the latest and ever improving caring service has always been the standard of KAYA.

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