What were your goals 10 years ago? 5 years ago? What is your goal now? Make a list of what matters to you during these times.

Your list may include such as the following:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Education
  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Freedom
  • Work
  • Security
  • Respect
  • Helping others

Now, look at your list. Has something changed? Were your priorities still the same back then and now? Among the items on your list, highlight those that are the most important to you. Examine yourself and see if the items you’ve cherished before are still what you hold on up to now.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. “If I haven’t been into my unhealthy habit, was I able to show in words and actions that I treasure them?”
  2. “Now that I’m slowly getting back on my feet, how I can show them that I treasure them?”

If you felt uncomfortable somehow when answering the questions, then you haven’t been acting according to your core. It can also be a sign that your addiction has clouded who you really are. Upon learning that you haven’t been consistent in showing your care, maybe it’s time to make amends.

If you get lost in your journey in life, always go back to your core. It will help you find your way back.