The Philippines is presently implementing an aggressive war against illegal drugs on a national scale. Mr. Duterte, the Philippines’ newly-elected president vowed to end or suppress drugs and criminality, along with his newly-appointed PNP Chief, Gen. Dela Rosa. Since the President assumed office, a number of killings of suspected drug pushers and users have been tallied. Even under the scrutiny of various groups and individuals, the campaign is seemingly unstoppable.

People Seek Humanistic Approach to Individuals Wanting to Change

Reportedly, there is a drop in crime rate due to the war on drugs. However, some groups protest and plead for a more humanistic approach in dealing with individuals who want to change.

A person suffering from addiction is not a bad person but is a sick person that needs treatment. Hence, even a pusher, especially when they would show willingness to change, shouldn’t be deprived of life and the opportunity to become a productive citizen.

A Suitable Rehab Facility is the Way to Go

Mainly fearing for their lives, those who surrender in the war against drugs are evaluated and some were sent to rehab facilities for treatment. Sad to say, most if not all government-ran drug rehab are prison-like facilities. Traditional methodologies are utilized by these rehabs where people are subjected to mostly ‘negative reinforcement’ style of treatment.

There is also no evidence that traditional style of treatment also involves the family. Imagine if a person enters a rehab and after treatment goes back to their old environment where the family and the surroundings are still conducive for going back to using drugs.

More people opt for evidence-based and holistic treatment and such is offered at KAYA.

Addiction Treatment at KAYA

KAYA is a family-oriented alcohol and drug rehab based in the Philippines. Unified Treatment Model, one of the best in its kind being an evidence-based method of treatment, is employed. Treatment at KAYA is holistic, which means that it covers one’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of an individual. Family therapy sessions are also held not only to inform the family of the current situation but also serves as an open forum for the person in treatment and their loved ones discuss problems and come up with solutions.

KAYA is located in Baguio City, where the climate is conducive for treatment. Baguio is a 3-4 hour scenic drive from Manila. Our place provides a haven where you can be alone, relax, and get away from addiction triggers. Your privacy and anonymity is ensured as the facility is located in a secure area.

At KAYA, we value your time and financial investment towards your recovery and so your entire duration of stay has a highly structured daily schedule.

Call us at +63.917.359.9755 to learn more about what we do and how we can provide help for your or your loved one.