The Philippines is still generally safe amid all the circulating negative news about killings.

On September 3, President Duterte declared a state of national emergency on account of lawless violence following a bombing a day ago in his hometown, the City of Davao City, that left 14 dead and dozens injured, reports say. Along with the said proclamation, law enforcers are more visible on the streets and security checkpoints are installed on strategic highways across the country. To this day, the proclamation has not been lifted and the government has no plans of revoking it yet.

Another issue that provokes fear among visitors as well as locals is the so-called extra-judicial killings. While most people attribute these killings to the government as a part of its nationwide war on illegal drugs, the government theorizes that the killings are either the drug syndicates destroying each other or the drug lords kill potential threats who would testify against them. Police and congressional investigations are being conducted to this day. In a town hall conducted by an international news agency, PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa told that nowadays, it’s the criminals who are afraid to go out of their homes while law-abiding citizens are free to go anywhere safely.

The latest travel advisory issued by the United States warns their citizens to avoid southern Philippines, particularly the island Mindanao, due to various safety threats. However, these threats are due to insurgencies. Moreover, KAYA is located in the mountain resort of the City of Baguio, which is north of Manila. Baguio is known as one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities in the Philippines.

KAYA supports the government’s campaign of cracking down illegal drugs that destroys families and communities. In turn, we provide quality care for people suffering from addiction and their families with our Unified Treatment Model (UTM), which is an evidence-based and rational use of CBT, Facilitation of Twelve Steps, and Schema Therapy as well as group and family therapy sessions.