There is no question that the body gets damaged during an individual’s using. Depending on the duration and the amount of substance used, certain disruptions in chemical, mechanical, and structural processes within one’s body occur. These deviation from their usual or normal processes initially may cause reversible damage and worst, irreversible, even death, in the long run.

Most especially for people abusing alcohol, the ingestion of alcohol prevents essential nutrients from being absorbed, which are needed for optimal body functioning. Meth users, because of the incredible stamina as its effect, causes the person to stay awake for a couple of days and even skip several meals. These frequent harmful activity of using drugs and alcohol brings severe consequences when it doesn’t acted upon the soonest. Once cessation from these harmful vices start, the body starts recuperating and repairing itself.

Having the right diet overall contributes for a person’s general well-being. Proper nutrition supplies the body the needed vitamins (the catalysts for body processes), minerals (the building elements), proteins, as well as the energy for daily activities and proper functioning. With a well-nourished body, cravings for drugs and alcohol are significantly reduced. Also, it improves the mood, clears the mind, and promotes better digestion.

Exercise and daily activities are equally important with proper nutrition. Getting physically active allows the body to utilize the nutrients we take in. It also allows our body organs do their normal functioning and get rid of harmful substances, like toxins and metabolic residues, out of the body.

At KAYA, we make sure that proper and balanced diet is ensured by providing meals as well as snacks whenever a client wants to. Needs for special diet can be provided, just inform the counselor about it. Nutrition is one of the elements in the holistic care we provide.