Problems regarding drugs and alcohol is a complex one, which involves several families in America, Europe, and Asia among others. Millions of people misuse or abuse drugs of different kinds. Every week, KAYA receives messages and inquiries from parents asking help for their sons or daughters. It is heartbreaking hearing about their situation and their desperation for their loved ones to seek treatment.

In understanding addiction particularly to illicit drugs, being a chronic illness, causes serious physical and mental damage to the user. In several cases, a combination of these substances are abused at the same time. This pattern of repeated abuse causes psychic and physical dependence.

The factors that lead to the misuse or abuse of drugs depends on the individual. Researchers do not know precisely why a person becomes dependent on drugs. Many theories range from being it a psychiatric concern to one’s genetic makeup. However, it is important to understand and identify the triggers that leads the person into engaging with such dangerous substances.

Afflicted families with their child engaged in abusing drugs and alcohol, commonly mid-adults, started using because they tolerate the user, at least temporarily, to evade feelings like alienation, frustration, depression, or as an escape from problems. Others started using because of curiosity and peer pressure. But the overall effect remains the same — the pleasurable feelings brought about by the substance.

Researchers have found that many drug abusers have difficulty in setting up long-term goals, show apathy, have problems with authority figures, and tend to withdraw from society. On the onset of using, parents and educators must find ways of helping the youth to develop interests, values, and attitudes so they can resist the temptation of engaging in drugs and alcohol. At home, parents who are misusing, is in effect, appears to be condoning their sons or daughters to engage with these substances as well. Therefore, drug prevention starts within the home.

One of the integral part of treatment in KAYA is conducting family therapy, where each member can express their thoughts and feelings as well as identify problems that eventually arrive at a solution that is accepted by everyone. Get in touch with our program manager for family consultation and support. Our family consultation services can provide personalized addiction treatment options or guide you through our easy admission process. We understand how addiction destroys lives and families and we are here to help.