Why Choose KAYA?

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Asia – Philippines. Nestled in an exclusive and secluded mountainside in the picturesque Pines City of Baguio in Northern Philippines, our well-founded and client-centered treatment model proves itself to be most effective in the treatment for alcohol, drug and process addiction at par with the best private drug rehabs in Asia.

KAYA Rehab is an affordable private addiction treatment center specializing in substance addiction (drugs), alcoholism (alcohol), and process addiction (gambling, food, Internet and sex). We provide excellent care, utmost confidentiality to our clients and the most effective treatment modality available.

Our Unified Treatment Programs

Many people think that addiction is something that can be done alone. Some deny the existence that being addicted to alcohol and drugs is a problem. Others are so heavily dependent that they find it hopeless to cope without substance use. When they try to abstain, they experience excruciating cravings that leads to making unhealthy choices. Yet even when you feel you are chained in addiction, there is always hope.

KAYA is an international alcohol and drug rehab center that uses Unified Treatment Model (UTM) that employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Facilitation of 12 Steps. Our holistic model covers physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects through individual and group activities. KAYA is different from other alcohol and drug rehab centers in Asia because our program is geared towards realizing hope and we work with every individual’s unique needs to achieve the desired outcome.

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Due to the confidential nature of our business, combined with our commitment to our clients’ privacy and anonymity; means that we require all initial contact to be via email or phone. If you wish to contact us, simply complete the contact form below and a representative from our office will contact you shortly. If you need immediate assistance, you may contact us via the following:

Phone number: +63917-509-9755
Email: contact@kayarehab.com

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