Many people think that addiction is something that can be done alone. Some deny the existence that being addicted to alcohol and drugs is a problem. Others are so heavily dependent that they find it hopeless to cope without substance use. When they try to abstain, they experience excruciating cravings that leads to making unhealthy choices. Yet even when you feel you are chained in addiction, there is always hope.

KAYA is an international alcohol and drug rehab center that uses Unified Treatment Model (UTM) that employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Facilitation of 12 Steps. Our holistic model covers physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects through individual and group activities. KAYA is different from other alcohol and drug rehab centers in Asia because our program is geared towards realizing hope and we work with every individual’s unique needs to achieve the desired outcome.


KAYA’s Unified Treatment Model

Our robust Unified Treatment Model recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and their needs. It uses a combination of therapeutic systems developed by renowned experts and backed by Evidence Based Practices (EBP). The core components are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Development of a working and personalized recovery plan
  • Individual and group sessions/activities
  • CBT
  • Motivational counseling including relapse prevention
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Regularly-scheduled excursions
  • Fitness sessions including massage
  • Progress monitoring and evaluation
  • Rehab aftercare programs including family treatment


Stress Reduction as an Integral Part of Recovery Program

Stress is one of the top predisposing factors for substance use and relapse. Our inpatient treatment center is located in Baguio where nature and serenity blends perfectly. scheduled excursions are also held to places of interest that offer a wide range of recreational activities.