KAYA Rehab is amongst Asia’s Finest and Most Trusted Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Asia - Philippines

Nestled in an exclusive and secluded mountainside in the picturesque Pines City of Baguio in Northern Philippines, our well-founded and client-centered treatment model proves itself to be most effective in the treatment for alcohol, drug, and process addiction at par with the best private drug rehabs in Asia and the West.

KAYA Rehab is an affordable private addiction treatment center specializing in substance addiction (drugs), alcoholism (alcohol), and process addiction (gambling, food, Internet, and sex). We provide excellent care, utmost confidentiality to our clients, and the most effective treatment modality available.

Why choose KAYA?

What makes KAYA different is that we value and the ability to provide the vital components in any addiction treatment. Because in essence, we are committed in providing quality care.


We chose our location well. Baguio City is the ‘Summer Capital’ of the Philippines, which is away from the hot and highly-urbanized City of Manila. It has a pleasant 18-20 degrees Celsius average year-round temperature. Nearby tropical beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, therapeutic hot springs, majestic mountain views, all the best nature can bring. Our facility offers a private, safe and serene environment making it the ideal backdrop to start your recovery.


Our addiction treatment is more personalized avoiding the one-size-fits-all recovery model. Our contemporary approach to treatment is effective and proven using only intelligent evidence-based treatment modality. The program is holistic that uses meditation and yoga to promote life change. KAYA is unique for its emphasis on its transition-exit plan and having fun in recovery.


Affordability and easy access to treatment are the heart of our cost of care policy. We are the most affordable in the region, costing less than a third of similar high-quality rehab centers. We are transparent with our rates with no hidden charge or surprises. Because we are aware that the resources of everyone vary, we have our Open Enrollment Program making access to treatment more affordable.


Your success in recovery is important. Program completion rates of 98% equals, if not surpass, the reported rates globally. We emphasize and focus more on satisfaction rates rather than ambiguous ‘success rate’ that other treatment facilities would advertise. Fully committing to this concept, should we not meet your satisfaction, we offer a Fair Refund Policy, the only one in the industry that does so.


Trust and genuine care are the foundation of our relationship with each of our clients. Our complete human resources is the most vital component in KAYA, from our support staff, comprising of our cooks, chambermaids, drivers, as well as gardeners, all our therapists along with counsellors, and me, as one of the founders, you can expect the best and sincerest care.


Truly embodying the name, KAYA, a Filipino term that says “You Can”.


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