Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step why you or your loved one to seek help. There are no shortcuts towards recovery that is why it is important to know the proper treatment program suitable for your needs. There are many types of treatment programs you can choose. Here are five important questions you need to focus on.
1. Does the rehab center use scientific-based treatment programs?
The program should be backed by scientifically and uses evidence-based practice to be efficient. Some of the programs are known as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), facilitation of 12 Steps and group therapy. A combination of different programs may also be used to achieve synergistic effect.
Choose a program that will measure your progress and records your milestones.
2. Can the rehab center and their treatment programs adapt to my personal needs?
Everyone has their unique needs and the program, as well as the program manager, must be prepared to adapt to them. Feel free to tell your counselor what you feel and ask all the questions you have in mind regarding the rehab and the processes that go with it. This will make you more informed so you can choose the right rehab center for you.
Although the treatment has a structure, remember that treatment should adjust to you – not the other way around.
3. Will their programs change as you go through the course of treatment?
As you go through the course of treatment, your thoughts or needs may change. Your insights may change or learn something new along way and the program should be flexible enough to adjust these changes. It should also have a plan in case you need additional support or should you relapse.
4. Does the rehab offer activities that can help you overcome your problem?
Aside from the treatment, the rehab must also offer recreational activities to relieve stress. Stress is considered as the primary factor why a patient relapses. Hitting the gym, going to the beach and playing outdoor games often takes your mind off drugs and alcohol.
The rehab must provide an atmosphere where you can still perform your usual routines.
5. Does the rehab offer additional help even when the treatment is over?
The rehab must still have genuine care even when the patient’s treatment is over. It should also have a care plan to help you stay sober even after the treatment.