Gambling addiction or problem gambling is described as the compulsive desire to engage in gambling despite harmful consequences or desire to quit. Just like addiction to drugs and alcohol, gambling addiction is the failure to stop the habit because a win results to trigger the reward system in the brain. Developing addiction to gambling doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of exposure and induglence to it.

Gambling Addiction Statistics in Thailand

A study on gambling made by Dr. Pinij Larpthananon reveals that 64.2% of the 5,042 respondents have gambled in the past year and the youngest gambler was a seven years old.

Online gambling is also growing popular in Thailand and many young people skip sleep or going to school just to stay online, according to an article. This made the Thai government placing a ban on online gaming between 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Although there are gambling addiction rehabs in Thailand, most people prefer going to the Philippines for addiction treatment.

Destructive Effects of Gambling Addiction

Thailand has the best casinos in the world. It won’t be hard for anyone to get attracted as some luxury hotels have indoor casino. There is also the underground lottery, which is the most popular form of gambling in Thailand.

Because gambling requires money to bet, people suffering from problem gambling have the tendency to neglect care for one’s self and their family. Domestic violence is also usual because the addict is usually quick tempered, especially when they lose or when they can’t gamble.

A problem gambler also would sell valuables, cheat, lie, and steal just to get money to fund their habit. When they become desperate, they may result to prostitution or selling drugs just to make quick cash.

Addiction to gambling can also result to other forms of addiction such as getting engaged to illegal drug use and alcoholism. Online gamblers spend extended hours online.

Getting Help and Rehab for Gambling Addiction

Rehabilitation and recovery for gambling addiction requires professional help. Unlike traditional gambling addiction rehabs in Thailand, KAYA uses Unified Treatment Model, which is a rationalized and proven effective use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Facilitation of Twelve Steps, and Schema Therapy. Fun in recovery is a vital part of addiction treatment. Weekly excursions are held to promote rest and relaxation. This is what makes KAYA the best alternative to drug addiction rehabs in Thailand.

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