Medical and Detoxification Services at KAYA


At KAYA, your health, safety and security are our priority. Our dedication to your well-being is reflected on our services. If there’s one thing we can be proud of, it is our attention to detail. This is why we greatly appreciate knowing more about you by filling out our online assessment form.


Medical Services

  • Our clients can avail the following services our facility offers:
  • 24/7 staff nurse
  • Diagnosis and clinic care
  • Round-the-clock in-house counselor for personal consultation
  • On-call private physician
  • Shuttle/ambulance service for emergency situations


Detoxification Services

Alcohol and drug detoxification is an integral part of your journey towards recovery at KAYA. The initial stages of treatment are vital. Before you embark on a journey, be sure that you are well-prepared for it. In this case, it is important to begin with a sober state of mind and a drug-free body.


What is Drug Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of allowing the body to get rid of harmful substances, often naturally or medically-assisted. Chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs have significant impact on one’s mental and physical functioning. Because the body has adapted to the consumption of these harmful substances, it seems to unable to function without drugs. A person experiencing withdrawal symptoms may experience, but might not be limited to, the following: aggression, depression, restlessness, apathy, loss of appetite for food, loss of interest for self-care, insomnia and restlessness. During the course of detoxification, these symptoms are also managed.


With the mind and body in good shape, you will be able to better understand and participate in the treatment process. You and your counselors can work more effectively to achieve your desired goals.


Medical detox depends upon a person’s drug abuse history, the type of substance being abused, age, and present medical condition. Detox is NOT a substitute for a full-course treatment. Detox services are mostly done at Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital, one of the most renowned hospitals in Baguio City. The hospital also caters to a wide array of medical cases.


During admission process, it is important to let us know about your health and addiction history. This will help us provide accurate advice and to formulate a personalized treatment plan for you.