Indeed, KAYA is amongst Asia’s finest and most trusted alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers.
Just recently, KAYA team had a press conference with various media outlets as the signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between KAYA and the municipal government of Itogon took place. KAYA hopes to reach out to the surrenderees following the national goverment’s war on drugs.

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With almost close to 300 surrenderees in the municipality of Itogon alone, clearly there are not enough drug rehab facilities to cater to their treatment needs. Because of this reason, the government of Itogon plans to create a core group where KAYA can offer drug rehabilitation training and assistance. The project is led with one of KAYA’s senior counselors, Mr. Vicente Macasaet.

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Signing of MOA between KAYA and the Municipal Government of Itogon

The signing of Memorandum of Agreement took place between KAYA and the government of Itogon. Here, the core group from Itogon and the key people from KAYA are present.

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Press Conference and Q&A

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Students from a prestigious university in Baguio City are in attendance. They asked questions and resource speakers from KAYA attentively answered. The media as well as the guests actively participated in the Q&A part of the program.

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KAYA’s Goal to Help

During an interview, KAYA Executive Director, Mr. Robert Labos, outlined the treatment program offered in the facility. He also explained how regular hospital treatment is entirely different from the treatment for addiction. Here he stressed that addiction treatment should be sustainable to address the chronic and relapsing nature of substance abuse disorders. He also told that KAYA also specializes in the treatment of process addiction such as food, gambling, internet, and sex.

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Mr. Labos also expressed KAYA’s intention of reaching out to nearby municipalities.

To know more about KAYA or if you need help for you or your loved one, call +63.917.359.9755.


Photos by Volts Gabrillo of VoltStock Images