Detoxification. Detoxification depends on what type of drug the client used. Confinement to a detox institution for a number of days or weeks may be required not only to remove the dangerous substance from the client’s body but also to prepare them physically and mentally for the treatment. During the course of detox, the physician may prescribe medications that will help remove the drugs out and to help ease the discomforts of withdrawal, if present. The detox facility can also assess the client’s present or potential health conditions and provide recommendations to address them.

Intensive Treatment. Intensive treatment at KAYA includes addressing the main problem, which is addiction. KAYA employs Unified Treatment Model (UTM), which is a rationalized use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Facilitation of Twelve Steps (FTS), and Schema Therapy. Holistic care is the core of treatment at KAYA. Not only KAYA provides full meals and snacks, clients have access to the gym, swimming pool, massage, and excursions. We believe that if you are having fun in recovery, then you are not taking recovery seriously.

Aftercare and exit plan. Prior to our client leaving KAYA, we prepare them to become strong against the temptations of using. Counselors here at KAYA provide activities and lectures tailor-fit for the exit plan of the clients.

Sober living. Sober living or halfway houses are excellent options for clients after they’ve gone out of intensive treatment. Sober living provides a haven to keep clients from being exposed to triggers and temptations for using. Clients can gradually start their normal daily activities, usually to look for work or go to school.

Follow up. Once the then-client completely separates from the institution, KAYA keeps open communication and contacts the individual for follow up. Letting us know how our previous client is doing and their sobriety is maintained make us know we did our job well. We also invite our former clients to spend a day with us.