Beyond the High: Understanding Chemsex and Finding Recovery

What is Chemsex?

Chemsex, also known as PnP (party and play) or wired play, involves using drugs to enhance sexual activity. This can lead to risky sexual behavior, addiction, and serious health consequences. While often associated with the LGBTQ+ community, particularly men who have sex with men (MSM), chem-sex can impact anyone who uses drugs for sex.


Understanding the Scope of Chemsex

While comprehensive data on chem-sex prevalence is limited, studies reveal a concerning trend. A global review found that chemsex is practiced in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In the Philippines, a 2019 study among MSM in Cebu City identified a significant number engaging in chem-sex, highlighting the need for targeted interventions.


Drugs Commonly Used in Chemsex

Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth): A highly addictive stimulant known to increase sexual stamina and pleasure-seeking behavior.
Mephedrone: Another stimulant with similar effects to crystal meth.
GHB/GBL (G): Depressants that can cause disinhibition and sedation, increasing the risk of unprotected sex.


Richard M.’s Story: From Chem-sex Addiction to Recovery

Richard M., a 32-year-old marketing professional from Manila, struggled with chem-sex for several years. “It started innocently enough,” he admits. “A night out with friends, a few drinks, and then someone suggested using crystal meth. The sex was amazing, but it quickly became a cycle I couldn’t break.

Richard’s chemsex use escalated, impacting his work, relationships, and health. “I was constantly paranoid, exhausted, and secretive,” he recalls. “The shame was overwhelming.” Finally, with the support of his family, Richard entered KAYA’s treatment program.

KAYA gave me the tools I needed to understand my addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms,” Richard shares. “The therapy sessions helped me address the underlying issues that led me to chemsex, and the support groups provided a safe space to connect with others who understood my struggle.


Breaking Free from Chemsex at KAYA

KAYA offers a comprehensive treatment program for chemsex addiction, including:

Individual therapy: Helps you explore the root causes of your addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms.
Group therapy: Provides a safe space to connect with others who understand your struggles and offer support.
Education: Teaches you about the dangers of chem-sex and the importance of safer sex practices.
Relapse prevention planning: Equips you with the tools to avoid triggers and stay sober.


Finding Hope Beyond Chem-sex

Richard’s story is a testament to the power of recovery. After completing KAYA’s program, he’s rebuilt his life. “Today, I’m three years sober,” he says proudly. “I have a healthier relationship with myself and those around me. KAYA helped me find the strength to move beyond the high and create a fulfilling life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with chem-sex addiction, know that you’re not alone. KAYA can help.
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By openly discussing chemsex and offering resources for recovery, we can help those struggling find the path back to health and well-being.

Disclaimer: While this blog aims to be informative, it should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please seek help from a qualified healthcare provider.